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Making of
Amy Making of

Amy was rendered using Elite Human Texture Amy for Victoria 4.2 available at DAZ 3D.

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Bastienne Making of

Bastienne was rendered using the second character in the Modern Muses series : Bastienne.

  • Skin : Modern Muses : Bastienne Body Art Map Textures enhanced using pwSurface plugin (Required Product).
  • Bikini : V4 Basicwear with the 05 Mat Pose Texture for the Bikini Bottom and the Bikini Top.
  • Hair : Belle Arum Hair with the 03b blond color material pose.
  • Lights : Basic Studio Light Set for DS from Dreamlight.

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Kendra Making of

Kendra was rendered using ebony inspired beauty Kendra for V4 by Liquid Rust.

  • Skin : LR's Kendra for V4 Morphs and Textures enhanced using pwSurface plugin.
  • Clothing : Domino for V4 with the black set of Textures for the Shirt, the Short and the Belt.
  • Hair : Radiant Jaguar Hair with the black color material pose.
  • Lights : Light Dome Pro by Dreamlight.

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Victoria 4.2
Victoria 4.2 Making of

Victoria 4.2 was rendered using the most widely supported 3D figure from DAZ3D : Victoria 4.2.

  • Skin : Victoria 4 GW5 Female Textures Maps enhanced using pwSurface plugin.
  • Bikini : V4 Basicwear with the Satin Shader Resource from WalkerofShadows for the black satin texture.
  • Hair : V4 Ranger Hair with the brownie color material pose from Ranger Hair color and movement.

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