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Amy Making of

Amy was rendered using Elite Human Texture Amy for Victoria 4.2 available at DAZ 3D.

Figure and Hair :

Elite Human Surface Shader :

Making of Amy: Elite Human Surface Shader

The Elite series of add-ons for Victoria 4 comes with exceptional skin textures, body shapes , and poses, ready to use for photo-realism results.
The Elite Human Surface Shader has been designed to produce realistic renders using the default settings. Utilizing ray-tracing, sub-surface scattering, translucency and more advanced highlight effects, this shader is a ready-to-render solution for Victoria 4 in DAZ Studio.
The realism of Amy was enhanced by adding realistic eye reflections with Eyelights for Victoria 4.

Textures and Shader :

UberEnvironment Light Shader IBL/HDRI:

UberEnvironment Light Shader IBL HDRI by omnifreaker

Amy realistic lighting was created using UberEnvironment Light Shader IBL/HDRI with KHPark Environment Map setting for the best results.

UberEnvironment is a DAZ Studio light shader designed by omnifreaker for Ambient and Environmental lighting effects.It is perfect to render your scene with IBL and HDRI in DAZ Studio!


DAZ3D Victoria 4 Elite

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