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Victoria 4.2
Victoria 4.2 Making of

Victoria 4.2 was rendered using the most widely supported 3D figure from DAZ3D : Victoria 4.2.

  • Skin : Victoria 4 GW5 Female Textures Maps enhanced using pwSurface plugin.
  • Bikini : V4 Basicwear with the Satin Shader Resource from WalkerofShadows for the black satin texture.
  • Hair : V4 Ranger Hair with the brownie color material pose from Ranger Hair color and movement.

Figure and Hair :

Scene : the white Room from DreamLight

white Room for Daz Studio

The white Room used for this scene is a professional Props created by Dreamlight and available at the Dreamlight Club, an amazing resource of ebooks tutorials and videos to master Daz Studio. This scene comes with the whiteROOM-env that requires Pendragon's environment light, a free Environment Shader Pack for DAZ Studio.

Natural looking skin :

To make this beautiful and natural looking 3D Girl, skin hair and eyes surfaces are improved with the following tutorials:
  • Rendering Natural Looking Skin in Daz Studio
  • Rendering Natural Looking Eyes in DAZ Studio
  • Rendering Natural Looking Hair in DAZ Studio
All these amazing ebooks are available at the Dreamlight Club for a cheap subscription.

DAZ3D Victoria 4

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