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Isa was rendered using Aiko 4 Isa Realistic Textures available at DAZ 3D.
  • Skin : Aiko 4 Isa Realistic Textures using LR Skin and Light Shader by Liquid Rust.
  • Clothing : V4 Basicwear with the Beach Star modified Texture for the Bikini Bottom and the Bikini Top.
  • Hair : Aiko 4 Long Hair with the Blond Streaks color material pose.
  • Lights : LR Skin and Light by Liquid Rust.

Blue Velvet Settings for the Bikini:

The stunning blue velvet texture for the Bikini Top and Bottom were created using the Fabric Velvet presets from the Elite Human Surface Expansion Pack 1, the add-on of Elite Human Surface Shader by omnifreaker.
  • Diffuse Color RGB values : 161 207 220
  • Velvet Color RGB values : 11 96 127
The Blue Velvet Settings are applied for the both Cloth and Trim in the Surface Tab when the bikini top and the bikini bottom are selected in the Content Manager.


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