Sci-Fi Girl Mimi

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Mimi by Franck Genot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Captain of the Tin Can in Shadow Dancer outfit, Mimi is ready for a new adventure beyond the stars ! Sci-Fi Girl Mimi was rendered using Mimi for V4 by Liquid Rust and The Tin Can by Stonemason.
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3D Models used :
Mimi for V4 Mimi for V4
Mimi for V4 showcases a new style of character creation for LRP. Meet the first installment in a series of characters sure to surprise and satisfy.   Liquid Rust

Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
Expand the possibilities for Victoria 4 with this set of head and body morphs...   DAZ3D Models
V4 Elite Texture: Lana V4 Elite Texture: Lana
Full-body photo-reference captured and carefully assembled...   -Yannek-
Shadow Dancer for V4 Shadow Dancer for V4
Victoria 4 finally gets her own version of Shadow Dancer...   Lourdes
V4 Elite Life Poses V4 Elite Life Poses
These Elite Life Poses have been specially created for Victoria 4.2...   Digiport
Lycra Hair Lycra Hair
Give your renders a makeover with this fun new hairstyle...   Out of Touch
The Tin Can The Tin Can
Drifting amongst the stars for hundreds of years has taken its toll on the Tin Can ...   Stonemason

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DAZ3D Figures

Victoria 4
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