Classic Beauty Bianca

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Bianca by Franck Genot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Bianca is a classic beauty with modern style and sensual body shape for Victoria 4. Soft and beautifully balanced, her classic face look will delight you.
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3D Models used :
3D for Free LR's Bianca for V4
Bianca for V4 is a classic beauty with modern style. Realistic textures, advanced shaders and custom morphing are a few key features of Bianca's package.   Liquid Rust

Victoria 4.2 Base Victoria 4.2 Base
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Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
Expand the possibilities for Victoria 4 with this set of head and body morphs...   DAZ3D Models
Basicwear for V4A4G4 and Elite Basicwear for V4A4G4 and Elite
Give Victoria 4 the basics with this set of four conforming clothing items...   DAZ3D Models
Hard Sole Sandals for V4 Hard Sole Sandals for V4
Hard Sole Sandals for Victoria 4 by idler168...   idler168
Camille Hair Camille Hair
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