Party Girl Maya

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Maya by Franck Genot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Classy and incredibly sensual, Maya is a sexy Party Girl who dresses and dances in a seductive manner. Maya was rendered using V4 Elite Texture Maya by Yannek and Stage FX PRO for DAZ Studio by Dreamlight.
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3D Models used :
V4 Elite Texture Maya V4 Elite Texture: Maya
Professionally lit, extremely high-resolution, full-body photo-reference was captured and then carefully assembled to preserve natural asymmetry and remove all possible seams.   -Yannek-

Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
Expand the possibilities for Victoria 4 with this set of head and body morphs...   DAZ3D Models
V4 Elite Body Shapes V4 Elite Body Shapes
We've provided three new body shapes as part of our new "Elite" line...   DAZ3D Models
Hot Dress for V4 Hot Dress for V4
Summer is near with all the parties and beaches waiting for the star to arrive...   4blueyes
V4 Elite Life Poses V4 Elite Life Poses
These Elite Life Poses have been specially created for Victoria 4.2...   Digiport
Gloria Short Hairstyle Gloria Short Hairstyle
Give Victoria 4 the basics with this set of four conforming clothing items...   Neftis
Stage FX PRO for DAZ Studio Stage FX PRO for DAZ Studio
Stage FX PRO makes all that happen, with animation and speed in mind...   Dreamlight

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V4 Elite Texture: Maya
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