Figure and Hair :

UberHair Shader Upgrade for UberSurface :

Making of Pippa

UberHair is a collection of presets for the UberSurface shader provided with DAZ Studio 3 Advanced.
The UberHair Shader was applied on the Foxy Hair Surfaces with the Shiny Hair preset to reproduce the appearance of Anisotropic Highlights on natural hair.
Looking for more realism, a Grayscale Texture was created and applied to Foxy Hair Surfaces using the eBook tutorial by M.J. Ambruso : Rendering Natural Looking Hair in DAZ|Studio - Part 1 : Dark Hair (Part IV: Creatign Grayscale Textures).
This tutorial is available at the Pro Low Cost 3D Training For Beginner´s - Dreamlight 3D Club for a cheap subscription.

Textures and Shader :

Bokeh Background :

Pippa Bokeh Background

The Bokeh Background used for Fashion Girl Pippa was created in Photoshop Elements using the Photoshop Brushes from Rons Bokeh by deviney.

Rons Bokeh Rons Bokeh
Bokeh is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in....   deviney

UberEnvironment 2 Light Shader IBL/HDRI:

UberEnvironment 2 in DAZ Studio 3 Advanced

Pippa realistic lighting was created using UberEnvironment 2 in DAZ Studio 3 Advanced with Occlusion w/Soft Shadows Environment Mode setting for the best results.

UberEnvironment 2 is a DAZ Studio light shader built in DAZ Studio 3 Advanced, designed by omnifreaker for Ambient and Environmental lighting effects. It is perfect to render your scene with IBL and HDRI in DAZ Studio!

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