Figure, Hair and Plugin :

Colorized Background :

Bastienne Backdrop

A beautiful turquoise background is added before multipass rendering process using the Backdrop Option Menu in DAZ Studio. This background is a first render of Bastienne figure against a white color background (left part of the picture). Then the render is changed to a two-tone image using a Hue and Saturation Filter with the colorize function applied (middle part of the picture). Because of the layers Postwork in a 2D Graphic Software after, the background is intentionaly darkened and applied to the final scene before multipass rendering process (right part of the picture).

Composition and Postwork :

The Magic of Layers in Daz Studio

Looking for more control and spending less time, Bastienne is a multipass rendering scene using layers tutorial from the ebook by Waldemar Belwon :

  • The Magic of Layers in DAZ Studio & Photoshop
This Composition and Postwork tutorial is available at the Pro Low Cost 3D Training For Beginner´s - Dreamlight 3D Club for a cheap subscription.

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