Anime Gothic Maid Isa

Anime Gothic Maid Isa

Reference to gothic Lolita is made in most anime sites. As she has the look of innocence of her youth, wears visually appealing costumes and has become a fad in many countries, she is a popular character everywhere.

The most appealing 3D human figure for anime and manga excitement has been made by DAZ3D under the name and style of Aiko 4, with gothic anime sustaining its popularity. Lolita and gothic maid are the characters who have gained popularity and having been made by DAZ Studio.

Isa is a Gothic anime girl with sexy maid costume posing next to the wet bar is a contemporary of Akiba girl the Japanese idol. You might be surprised to see the anime gothic maid Isa around.

Aiko 4 Isa, Realistic Textures, conceived by mutedbanshee and Gothic Housemaid A4/V4, by BATLAB have been utilized to create Isa, the Anime Gothic Maid (click to enlarge).

Creative Commons LicenseAnime Gothic Maid Isa by Franck Genot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

3D Models used :
Aiko 4 Isa, Realistic Textures Aiko 4 Isa, Realistic Textures
Isa is a soft, versatile texture set for Aiko 4. Close ups reveal realistic skin textures that look great on Victoria, and turn Aiko into a beautiful manga supermodel.   mutedbanshee

Aiko 4 Base Aiko 4 Base
Aiko is so multi-talented you won’t know what feature to try first...   Free 3D Models
Victoria 4.2 Base Victoria 4.2 Base
The most widely supported 3D figure on the planet...   Free 3D Models
Gothic Housemaid A4 V4 Gothic Housemaid A4 V4
Clothes with a Japanese Akiba Style flair, this Gothic Housemaid outfit is ready...   BATLAB
Attitude Poses Attitude Poses
This versatile set of poses brings life to Aiko like no other pose set can....   Skyewolf
Diahme Hair Diahme Hair
The Diahme hair contains over two dozen styling morphs for just the look you want...   Catherine Todd
Dream Home Pantry Gallery Wet Bar Eclectic Dream Home - Wet Bar Eclectic
Good taste in interior design -- the kind that does not come pre-packaged but...   Moyra

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