Fashion Girl Pippa

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Pippa by Franck Genot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Free Spirited and fun loving with her modern hairstyle, Pippa is a Sexy Fashion Girl with a stunning sex appeal. This Cartoon Girl was rendered using RM Pippa by Rebelmommy and Scoopback Mini Dress by Bobbie25.
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3D Models used :
RM Pippa RM Pippa
Free spirited and fun loving Pippa is an adorable addition to the Girl 4. As a Fae or human your sure to find her simply delightful!   Rebelmommy

the Girl 4 Base the Girl 4 Base
She has finally arrived, the most anticipated figure release of the year...   Free 3D Models
The Art Of Seduction The Art Of Seduction
The seduction is an art...Poses for the Girl 4 (A4/G4/V4)...   muscleman
Scoopback Mini Dress Scoopback Mini Dress
Now A4 and V4 will be ready for a night on the town in this fun new dress...   Bobbie25
Scoopback Mini Dress Unimesh Fits Scoopback Mini Dress Unimesh Fits
Add the versatility of Unimesh to your wardrobe with this expansion pack....   Bobbie25
Foxy Hair Foxy Hair
Foxy Hair is a modern hairstyle that can go from sassy to sexy...   Valea
Hair Care Products Hair Care Products
With brushes, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray...   Valandar

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