3D Cartoon Pinup Avaris

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Avaris by Franck Genot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Sultry and glamorous, Avaris looks her best with her exotic dress in an environment of beauty and elegance. This 3D Cartoon Pinup was rendered using Avaris for Girl 4 by 3DSublimeProductions and Gen X Dress by Nerd3D.
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3D Models used :
Avaris for Girl 4 Avaris for Girl 4
She has arrived! For everyone that has waited for a new fresh face for the Girl - Avaris offers all of that and more! Put something sublime in your runtime today with Avaris for Girl 4.   3DSublimeProductions

the Girl 4 Base the Girl 4 Base
She has finally arrived, the most anticipated figure release of the year...   Free 3D Models
V4 Elite Body Shapes V4 Elite Body Shapes
We've provided three new body shapes as part of our new "Elite" line...   DAZ3D Models
Gen X Dress Gen X Dress
An exotic dress for Victoria 4, Aiko and the Girl 4...   Nerd3D
Glam Pinup Poses for The Girl 4 Glam Pinup Poses for The Girl 4
Let the latest DAZ 3D Female look her best with 15 Pinup Poses for the Girl 4....   Val3DArt
Portia Hair Portia Hair
Layered, thick wavy locks, fitted for DAZ 3D Victoria 4, Victoria 3...   AprilYSH
Portrait Studio Props Portrait Studio Props
Three draped furntiture pieces and a exquisite coulumn...   DAZ3D Models

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