Tips & Tricks I share with you will be invaluable to beginners and experienced artists alike. Regardless if you’re searching for a way to start Digital Art or simply looking to improve upon skills you may already have. The Tips and Tricks I present you will substantially save you time (in the learning process) while improving the quality on all the 3D Girl images that you create.

Create your own 3D Girl

I have been creating and designing 3D Pin-up Girls using Daz Studio™ for over 5 years. The world of digital art and artists constantly is growing. I know I am not the only Digital Artist out there in the DAZ3D Community. However, I would love to teach others this form of art and currently have an opportunity to share my skills and knowledge with you. Allowing you too can create your own 3D Girls then render them in Powerful 3D Software such as DAZ Studio™.

Get DAZ Studio for FREE!

DAZ Studio is a feature rich 3D figure, customization, posing, and animation tool enabling anyone to create stunning digital illustrations and animations. DAZ Studio is the perfect tool to design unique digital art and animations using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments and more. Simply select you’re subject and/or setting, arrange accessories, set-up lighting then begin creating beautiful artwork.

DAZ Studio™ is the Number 1 commercial tool I use to render my own 3D Girls with ease. I simply design, pose and then render them. I think DAZ Studio™ is the best choice for all beginners and emerging artists.

For the First Time Ever, DAZ3D has released DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro. Better Yet, It’s FREE. That means you can get this creative yet powerful tool and start creating your own 3D Girls without investing any money. The Free process starts right now; download your own free copy of DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro Here:

Build your own library of 3D Models

To create your own Artwork of 3D Girls and Virtual Babes, you will need to start building your own 3D Models library with items such as figures, hair, props, and scenes. In addition, you may also have to build this 3D Girls library depending upon the genre or theme you want to cover. This could be Anime, Fantasy, Pin Up or even Sci-Fi Art. It’s is a great way to save money, while building up your digital library.

Here are some of my tips to building your own 3D Models library while staying on a small budget.

One important to item recognize with DAZ Studio™ it comes with a built-in starter pack called Genesis™. This is a new line of 3D figures designed specifically to provide more versatility and customizability into any single 3D figure ever before, is included FREE.

Join the Platinum Savings Club: The first thing you need to consider is building an inexpensive Library. Well you’re covered because it’s included inside the Platinum Club by DAZ3D. As a Platinum Club Member, you will enjoy a huge surplus selection of DAZ3D Original models for $1.99 or less. This is one way of cutting down your Libraries expenses right from the start. Hint: You can also check out the Bonus Bundles or Extravaganza bundles available for a limited time at a fantastic price. These exclusive limited time offers are for Platinum Club members only! Get your Platinum Club Monthly Membership Today!
Get your Platinum Club Monthly Membership

Take advantage of Products promotions: You can take advantage of the DAZ3D Models seasonal Events for Christmas, March Madness, Back To School or Halloween… For several days during these times you can take part in deeply discounted promotions on DAZ Originals or Published Artist Digital Products. You will save from 40% to 87% on individual 3D Models or Bundles.
See the Sales & Promotions page

Look for versatility: Another way to save a lot of money while building of your own library is to get versatile 3D Models like Genesis figures: Genesis consists of a common base figure from which a huge range of other 3D figures can be derived. All Genesis figures utilize the same core rig and 3D mesh of the base Genesis figure from which they are built upon. The more 3D Characters based on Genesis figure shapes that you have installed, the greater the range of possible Virtual Pinups Figures you can create. This also applies to Morphs, Hairs, Clothing and many more items used for different Virtual Girls.

Choose your Figure

Choose 3D Model Characters within the Genesis 3D Figures like Victoria 5 or Stephanie 5 for more versatility. Once again, privilege packs or bundled acquisitions of 3D Models: allow you to save BIG in the form of deep price discounts. Look for the Victoria and Stephanie Starter Packs or Pro Pack Bundles…

Choose High Quality Skin Textures: When you get 3D Models Skin Maps for Genesis 3D Models, pay attention and use these high quality skin maps to achieve gorgeous 3D Girls, especially when creating portraits or close-up still images.

Add Hair to her: Add Hair to your Figures. While stunning Hair 3D Models are on the market with painted highlights, if you want realistic results, you must choose hair with no highlights painted on it. For a more realistic look, use Realistic Renderer Like Reality plugin for DAZ Studio™.

Dress up your 3D Girls: Dress up your 3D Character with theme-related 3D Models like Anime Dress, Fantasy Outfit, Pin Up, Swimsuit or Sci-Fi Suit. Once again, look for Starter Packs and Pro Pack Bundles, or Published Artist Bundles.

Strike a sensual Pose: Make your favorite Figures strike a pose, by creating poses for her or getting poses created by skilled digital artists. With the Genesis Figure, you can re-apply the same pose to different Figures and use the leverage of versatility.

Select your Environment

Situate your 3D Model by using scene environments products like Backgrounds, Backdrops or 3D Scenes. Get started with the Cyclorama series of landscape environments by DAZ3D, Rocks N Drops Fantasy Scene Kit by Diane and Predatron, or other Backdrops Made Easy by bondie9999.

Lighting and Composition

Setup your lights properly into the scene then accurately place you Camera for great composition. Get the right plugin to render your Scene: In DAZ Studio, select your ratio settings as Landscape or Portrait. Choose your favorite renderer: Reality plugin for DAZ Studio if you want realistic results, or DAZ Studio internal renderer for more artistic results.

UberEnvironnment Lighting: For quick yet great lighting setups on your 3D Girl Artwork, use already made presets by Lantios…

Reality Plugin for DAZ Studio™: Reality is the premiere plug-in for DAZ Studio that brings you the power of hyper-realism. With Reality you’re given access to the extraordinary power of LuxRender with an ease of use and flexibility, that’s unparalleled. Personally, I use the Reality Plugin for DAZ Studio 4.5 to render my latest 3D Girls with realism.

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