Aiko 4

Aiko 4

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Aiko 4 by Franck Genot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

p>Created with anime and manga inspired digital art in mind, Aiko 4 is a 3D Anime Girl from the most popular 3D Model Victoria 4. Aiko 4 was rendered using Aiko 4 Base and V4 Elite Texture Lana to provide ultimate realism and beauty.
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3D Models used :
Aiko 4 Base Aiko 4 Base
Aiko and Victoria have always been close, but now they are virtually inseparable! Aiko is so multi-talented you won’t know what feature to try first.   Free 3D Models

Victoria 4.2 Base Victoria 4.2 Base
The most widely supported 3D figure on the planet...   Free 3D Models
V4 Elite Texture: Lana V4 Elite Texture: Lana
Full-body photo-reference captured and carefully assembled...   -Yannek-
Basicwear for V4A4G4 and Elite Basicwear for V4A4G4 and Elite
Give Victoria 4 the basics with this set of four conforming clothing items...   DAZ3D Models
Attitude Poses Attitude Poses
This versatile set of poses brings life to Aiko like no other pose set can....   Skyewolf
Aiko 4 Long Hair Aiko 4 Long Hair
Full, flirty and fun, the Mitsu hair is the modern anime girl's dream...   3D Universe

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Aiko 4
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