DAZ Studio 3 Advanced

DAZ Studio 3 Advanced

DAZ Studio 3 Advanced is the enhanced version of DAZ Studio™ I used to create my 3D Pin-up Girls with the new timesaving workflow and professional toolset.

DAZ Studio 3 Advanced New Features :
3Delight 8.5, Import User Settings (from past versions), Morph Follower, Depth of Field & Camera Pointer (by Dreamlight), Scripted Render Access, Shader Baking, Map Transfer, Shader Builder (Advanced Shader Editor), Shader Mixer (Advanced Material Editor), Uber Environment 2, IBL/HDRI, Global Illumination, Indirect Lighting, Ambient Occlusion (with Directional Shadows), UberVolume, UberArea Light, UberSurface, Sub-Surface Scattering, Velvet, Translucency, Layered Anisotropic Specularity by omnifreaker, Normal Maps, Glow Lights, Light Gels, Caustics, Final Gathering, Key Frame Editor by GoFigure, Freeze/Export Simulation, 64 Bit WIN (for most plugins)...

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"Get more out of DAZ Studio than ever before. Upgrade to DAZ Studio Advanced and enter a higher level of 3D art and animation. Packed with must-have features for the serious 3D artist, this brand-new edition of DAZ Studio provides high-end tools and features with extended export capabilities and greater compatibility with its big brother, Carrara."
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